The Drink of the Gods

Honey Hunter's Elixir is a craft produced bottle by bottle in limited numbers. It perfectly balances the sweetness from honey with the organic acids from honeybee's lactic acid bacteria together with the yeast's aromas and bubbles. Elixir is irresistible and a must together with a fine dinner among dear friends, perhaps the world's most natural prehistoric Champagne?! It is a beverage made by perfection evolved from more than 6 years development at the Honey Hunter's Brewery.

Anchored in research

The drink of the Gods and Elixir are the result of many years of research at Lund University Sweden and research and development at the biotech company ConCellae AB. The Beverages are unique and globally patented.


The drink of the Gods and its variants, offer you southern Sweden's (Skåne) most sophisticated terroir with ingredients from the beautiful forests and meadows. A craft that is fermented directly into bottles to preserve all flavours and benefits from this complicated fermentation process. A process made by a battery of patented microorganisms originated in the Nordic honeybees and their honey. Inherited experience from one of Sweden's oldest beekeepers, Tage Kimblad, resulted in a new field of research by his grandson, Tobias Olofsson, that has given rise to this innovative and completely unique beverage.


Our beverages are available in four variants:
Elixir; available in two variants; "Acidic" or "Balanced" and in three sizes (75 cl, 37 cl and 20 cl bottles).
Our alcohol free variants "the Drink of the Gods" and "Gudarnas Shot" are simpler and comes in smaller sizes.

We deliver only in Sweden.

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Meet our team

Honey Hunter's Brewery is owned by ConCellae AB, a Swedish biotech company.

Tobias C. Olofsson

PhD in Food Technology, Brewer & Innovator

Expert in fermentation processes, honey, honeybees, natural microbes, innovations, beneficial bacteria, yeast and moulds. Responsible for the production of Elixir.

Alejandra Vásquez

PhD in Food technology, Researcher & Expert

Expert in Lactic Acid Bacteria, fermentation, probiotics, functional food and drinks, medical microbiology and innovations. Responsible for the taste and research behind Elixir.


Read about customer's opinions and testimonials when launching Elixir at our first beverage exhibition (Skånska Dryckesmässan November 24:th, 2018) in Malmö in southern Sweden. Elixir won the price "Best beverage in Skåne 2018".
Sommelier Mischa Billing

Sommelier Mischa Billing

Food and Beverage Assessor at the Nobel Price Banquet and judge in MasterChef Sweden

Balanced: "Clear honey flavor and a very nice mousse in the drink. I have never tasted something like that."
Acidic: "The sourish Acidic lingers longer in the mouth and produces fine aftertaste. It fits well to drink for food."

In Swedish:
Balanced: "Tydlig honungssmak och en väldigt fin mousse i drycken. Jag har aldrig smakat något liknande."

Acidic: "Den syrligare Acidic dröjer sig kvar längre i munnen och ger fin eftersmak. Den passar bra att dricka till mat."

Johan Granström

Johan Granström

Kitchen Manager at the restaurant Folk, Mat & Möten in Malmö, Sweden

In Swedish:
Balanced: Den har en jättesötma, men den är inte söt. I alla fall upplevs den inte som söt när man dricker den. Drycken har en väldigt trevlig
mousse i sig och ger en ännu trevligare munhåleupplevelse. I eftersmaken finns det en bikakeeffekt som dröjer sig kvar i munnen.Acidic: Den har tydligare honungston, högre syra än Balanced, men fortfarande en behaglig sötma.

Elin Pettersson

Elin Pettersson

Smaka på Skåne & The Food Academy, Sweden

In Swedish:
Balanced: Honungssmaken var väldigt god och drycken var väl balanserad. Och bubblorna gör den så trevlig!

Nima & Maria

Nima & Maria

About Elixir (Balanced)

In Swedish:
Maria: Det är en helt ny smak som jag inte känner igen. Den är frisk och lättdrucken.

Nima: En frisk, mousserande honungsdryck som är svårdefinierad.

Göran Stenberg

Göran Stenberg

Sommelier at the restaurant "Kockeriet" by Tareq Taylor

In Swedish:
Balanced: Den här går verkligen att stå och mingla med. Drycken är så tillgänglig. Acidic: Väldigt god och man känner att det är något. En tungt humlad öl är något du dricker en kväll och inte nästa dag.
Det här naturmjödet känns som att det går att dricka i morgon också.

Sebastian Eriksson

Sebastian Eriksson

Nordic Street Food

In Swedish:
Balanced: Den bubbliga var fantastisk. Den träffar gommen direkt och alla smaker slår rakt upp i huvudet.


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