The story of Honey Hunter´s Elixir 

The world’s oldest drink, is back for the first time in our beverage Elixir, since the Viking age. The Drink of the Gods was known as prehistoric champagne that made you immortal.

The honey hunters gave us this prehistoric beverage known as ”The Drink of the Gods” in many ancient cultures where it was said to prolong life or offer immortality. A forgotten elixir deeply anchored in the historical healing properties of honey.

In 2005, researchers and entrepreneurs Alejandra Vásquez and Tobias C. Olofsson at Lund University, Sweden made an amazing discovery. They answered the mystery of why honey has been used as folk medicine for thousands of years.


Brave honey hunters brought back honey, in wax combs, from wild honeybees.

Honey was squeezed out by hand but some residues where always left in the wax. It is believed that the wax was mixed in a pot with water to extract the honey residues. But the blend of honey and water fermented spontaneously and ”The Drink of the Gods” was produced. According to our research, the blend of such honey inevitably contained all the honeybee lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts.

In Europe, after the 12:th Century, producers of Wine, Beer and Mead started to boil their beverages before they started fermentation. In that way all the natural microorganisms where killed off and yeasts from bread or old beverages was added instead, yeast that was found to produce more alcohol, Saccharomyces. The fermentation started up, it was easier to control and yielded more alcohol.

Right there and then, ”The Drink of the Gods” was destroyed and forgotten. Today, 600 years later, commercial mead is still merely a ”honey wine”, but with chemical additives as well. It is a, by industrial yeast, fermented sterile mix of honey and water and with none of the honeybee lactic acid bacteria.

Today, we are proud to once again offer ”The Drink of the Gods” in our Elixir. The honeybee’s lactic acid bacteria in Elixir inhibit yeast, which therefore produces much less alcohol and thus a healthier drink.

As a reflection of nature, Elixir contains Swedish golden honey, bee collected pollen in all colors of the rainbow, crystal clear water and the world’s largest concentration of honeybees own lactic acid bacteria; In a glass there are over 100 billion living lactic acid bacteria.


As an echo of history, Elixir is inspired by the ancient knowledge of honey’s beneficial and healing properties. For over 15,000 years, honey hunters, all over the world, have risked their life when chasing the liquid gold.


As a result of research and development, Elixir is the product of many years of research by the Swedish researchers and entrepreneurs Alejandra Vásquez and Tobias C. Olofsson at Lund University and the biotech company ConCellae AB.


Elixir and our alcohol free ”Gudarnas dryck” contain only a few natural ingredients and no additives:

  • Forest honey and bee collected pollen from the south of Sweden, Skåne.
  • An assembly of patented and collaborating microorganisms, honeybee’s lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts, that are responsible for the fermentation process.
  • Water
  • Love & Care & Fun

Review from the sensory department at ”the Absolut Company”

Elixir Balanced (sparkling, with champagne cork)
Aroma: Honey, figs, beer, dried fruit, tropical, citrus, tropical nectar, bready, saturated, balanced
Taste: Floral, honey, slightly oily, sour, wheat biscuits, ”nature’s wonder” (if you remember it from the 80’s), elegant, luxurious.

Elixir Acidic (not sparkling, jumper-cork)
Aroma: Healthy, authentic, mango, freshly cut hay, moss for Advent candles, buttery, slightly sour
Taste: Honey, sweet and sour, slightly spicy, slightly malty, pleasant, enjoyable.