Mead, the world’s oldest drink, was called ”The Drink of the Gods” and it is for the first time reconstructed in our Honey Hunter’s Elixir. Our discovery started a new understanding of honey’s use as folk medicine and paved the way for the resurrection of ”Drink of the Gods”.

Elixir is a genuine craft and a healthy drink, based on many years of Swedish research and development, and unique with global patent protection.

The first editions of ”Balanced 2018” and ”Acidic 2018” are finally ready and will now start selling, but before that you are invited to an exclusive launch with limited number of seats.

The launch will be on the 22nd of November in our company facilities ConCellae, at Bårlövsvägen 3, Gantofta, Helsingborg, Sweden. The event offers an exciting and unique lecture, snacks, and tasting of our meads, and costs 300 SEK. There is only 50 places to this event, so secure your place here.

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